File Manager

This documentation applies to ZetaBoards only.

The File Manager allows you to view all files uploaded to your forum, and allows you to delete them as well.

The File Manager

To access the File Manager, locate and click the File Manager link at the bottom of the Zetaboards Service menu which is on the left side of the Admin CP.

The main page of the File Manager will show the number of uploads and the total file size of each file group.

The file groups are as follows:

  • Attachments: Images and files uploaded via posts within topics.
  • General Files: Images and files uploaded via the File Manager within the Admin CP (explained later in this documentation).
  • Avatars: Images uploaded by users to use as avatars.
  • Avatar Gallery: Images uploaded by Administrators via the Avatar Gallery.
  • Photos: Personal photos uploaded by users.
  • Emoticons: Emoticons uploaded by Administrators via the Emoticon Manager.
  • Pips/TeamIcons: Images uploaded by Administrators via Titles.

Viewing and Deleting Files

To view the group's files, click for example, View Uploads to view the files uploaded by your users.

The main screen will now show a list of all uploaded files, who uploaded the file, when, and is sorted by file size. You can view a file by clicking it's file name in the left column. You can delete a file by clicking Delete in the right column.

Files deleted are not retrievable.

Uploading Files via the Admin CP

On the main File Manager page, you'll see a box titled Upload Files. Clicking on it takes you to a simple upload form. From there, you can upload files directly without having to attach files via a topic.

Go back to the main File Manager page, and view the General Files uploads. The files you've uploaded via your Admin CP are listed here in a slightly different format than the other file groups. Files deleted here are sent to the Uploaded File Trashcan.

The Uploaded File Trashcan

Click the Uploaded File Trashcan box from the main File Manager page to view the files in your trashcan. From here, you have the option to completely remove the files within it, or you can restore them to their original file groups individually.

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