Domain Manager

This documentation applies to ZetaBoards only.

The Domain Manager links the board to one or more custom domains or subdomains. For information on how to set up a custom domain, refer to the domain setup documentation.

Active Domain Names

This table lists all custom domain names currently linked to the board. Selecting the Delete link next to one of these domains will remove the domain from the board.

Once you remove a domain from the board, any links using that domain will stop working. If possible, inform your users before taking such action.

Select Primary Domain Name

Use this dropdown menu to choose which of the domains associated with the board will be considered the primary domain name. All other domains will redirect to this domain name. This includes the ZetaBoards URL. However, the Admin CP will always be accessible through the ZetaBoards URL in the event you must remove the primary domain.

Unlike deleting a domain, changing the primary domain name does not break any links.

Boards on Server 11: URLs beginning with will redirect to a custom primary domain. URLs beginning with will not.

Add Domain Name

Enter a custom domain name or subdomain, such as or, and click Submit to add the domain name to the board. The domain must be pointing to the server in order for this to work.

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