Admin CP Controls

This documentation applies to ZetaBoards only.

The Admin CP controls contain preferences specific to the Admin CP, as well as the admin assistant tool and a shared administrator notepad.

Admin Announcement

Admins may use this notepad to leave notes for each other. All administrators can view and edit the notepad.

Admin Assistants

You can grant users limited access to the Admin CP by using the admin assistants tool. There are four types of assistants you can create:

  1. Member Managers can edit members' accounts, approve name changes, and validate new accounts.
  2. Theme Managers can edit the board themes.
  3. Domain Managers can use the domain manager.
  4. Website Managers can create and edit webpages.
Granting someone limited access to your Admin CP is more secure than making him or her a full administrator. However, you should still only grant Admin CP access–even limited access– to users you trust implicitly.

Personal ACP Settings

These settings are personal to you; they do not affect other administrators.

  • ACP Full Menu Display - When set to Yes, the full navigation menu is displayed along the left side of the Admin CP. When set to No, only the menu for the current section (i.e., ZetaBoards Service) is displayed.

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