This documentation applies to ZetaBoards only.

Titles are used to identify a user and are based on the post count of each individual user, as well as often containing accompanying images to identify individual ranks. Titles appear in the post details next to posts, and title information can also be viewed in My Controls.

A list of user titles can be accessed by clicking Titles in the Users & Groups section of the Admin CP. Here, existing titles can be modified or deleted, and new titles can be created.

Default Member Titles

This is a list of the existing user titles, presented in a tabular format. This list will only appear when there is at least one title, and the headings are as follows:

  • Title. This is the title itself, and is what will appear in user profiles and next to posts.
  • Pips/Icon. This is an image which is displayed alongside the title in user profiles and posts, and can either be a series of smaller images (known as 'pips'), or a single user-defined image.
  • Post Requirement. This is the number of posts that a user is required to have before gaining the title. The user will then retain the title until they meet the next post requirement.
  • Edit. By clicking Edit next to the respective title, details such as post requirement and pips/icon may be edited.
  • Delete. By clicking Delete next to the respective title, the title will be deleted.

Add New Rank

This section is used to add new titles. Any titles added will appear in the Default Member Titles list. The following fields must be completed before adding a new title:

  • Title. This will be the title of the new rank.
  • Posts needed to gain rank. This is the number of posts that the user is required to reach before gaining this title.
  • Pips/Icon. This is the pip or icon that will appear next to the title and defines how many times the pip is to be repeated.

Clicking Add Rank will then add the title.

Upload Icon

This option allows an image to be uploaded to be used as an icon for titles. By clicking Browse, you will be asked to select the appropriate image from your computer. Clicking Upload Icon will then upload that icon to the board.

Badges can be a maximum of 35KB in size.

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