This documentation applies to ZetaBoards only.

This page allows you to view, modify and create permission sets to be used on the board. It can be accessed by clicking Forum Access under the Users & Groups section of the Admin CP.

Permission masks (or permission sets) are designed to make controlling a user or group's abilities easier.

Permission Sets

The first section of this page is a list of the current permission sets, which will be presented in a tabular format under the following headings:

  • Set Name. This is the name of the permissions set.
  • Groups Using. This is a list of groups using the permissions set.
  • Edit. Clicking Edit will allow you to edit the settings of the respective permissions set.
  • Delete. Clicking Delete will permanently delete the respective permissions set.
Permissions sets which are currently in use by one or more groups cannot be deleted.

Creating New Permission Sets

To create a new permission set, first select the set to base the new set off of from the drop-down menu entitled Base off of and click Create New Permission Set. As well as being prompted to enter a name for the new permission set, you will also be presented with a table of check boxes to complete.

Down the left-hand side of this table are the names of each forum on the board, and along the top are a list of individual permissions:

  • View. This determines whether or not the forum can be viewed in the board index by the group using the permission set.
  • Read. This determines whether or not topics in the forum can be read by the group using the permission set.
  • Reply. This determines whether or not the group using the set can post in existing topics in the forum.
  • Start. This determines whether or not the group using the set can start new topics in the forum.
  • Upload. This determines whether or not the group using the set can add attachments to their posts in the forum.

Clicking Add Mask will then add the new permission mask.

Next to each row/column are plus and minus (+/-) arrows for convenience. Clicking these select or deselect all check boxes in a row or column, respectively.

Choosing A Group's Permission Set

To edit the permission set(s) that a particular group uses, click on the group name in the Groups section under Users & Groups in the Admin CP to change the settings for that group. Find the field entitled Group Permissions and select the permission set from the list box that you wish that group to use. Clicking Edit will then save your changes.

By holding down Ctrl on your keyboard while selecting permission sets from the list box, you may select multiple sets simultaneously

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