Managing Joinable Groups

This documentation applies to ZetaBoards only.

A joinable group is a group which any individual member may join, but are separate from member groups.

To see a list of existing joinable groups, or create a new joinable group, click on Joinable Groups under the Users & Groups section of the Admin CP.

Joinable Groups

The first section of this page is a list of the current joinable groups, presented in a tabular format. The headings are as follows:

  • Group Name. This is the name of the joinable group.
  • Member Count. This is the amount of users who are currently enrolled in this group. Clicking on the number will present a list of users who have joined this group.
  • Join Type. This defines what kind of approval, if any, a user will need before joining this group.
  • Group Leaders. Clicking on Add/Remove Leaders will present you with a list of the group's current leaders, as well as the ability to demote or promote new leaders.
  • Edit. By clicking Edit, the group's settings can be modified.
  • Delete. By clicking Remove Joinable Status, no more members will be able to join the group.

Creating A New Joinable Group

To create a new joinable group, first select the group's join type (these are listed below). After clicking Proceed to next step, you will be presented with a form to complete. The options are as follows:

  • Group Name. This is the name of the new group.
  • Group Description. This is a description of the group and it's purpose.
  • Group Permissions. This is a list of permission sets that members of the group inherit. There is no limit to the number of permission sets that any joinable group can inherit.
Any group permissions you select will be GRANTED to any user who joins this group. For example, selecting the “Staff” permission set would give any member who joins the group staff permissions on your board.

Join Types

A joinable group has several join types. These are as follows:

  • Open to all members. This means that any user can join the group without restriction.
  • Require leader approval. This means that users will have to be approved by one of the group's leaders before becoming a member.
  • Require invitation. This means that no user will be able to join without first being invited by an existing user.

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