IP Address Manager

This documentation applies to ZetaBoards only.

The IP Address Manager under the Users & Groups section allows administrators to look up the IP addresses associated with a member, or vice versa. This can be useful if, for instance, you want to ban a member by IP address.

IP Addresses for a Member

Under the View IP Address Usage Report for Member section, enter a member's username. Then click Search.

If the member exists, an IP address report will appear for them. Each IP address from which a member has posted will appear, along with the dates the IP address was first and last used. The Usage Frequency column indicates the number of posts the member made with from that IP address.

The date ranges in this report are very useful when considering an IP address ban. It isn't necessary to ban every IP address associated with a member. However, if many of the most recently used IP addresses follow a similar pattern, this may indicate that a wildcard ban would be effective.

Members Matching an IP Address

To look up any members matching a particular IP address, enter the IP address in the IP Address Report section of the IP Address Manager. Click Perform Lookup.

The search results, if any, will be displayed as a table the usernames of the matching members. Much like the table for the member's IP Address Usage Report, this table will display the number of posts made while using that IP address, as well as the date range the member used IP address.

Wildcard searches are allowed and will allow you to search over a range of IP addresses. Use an asterisk to match any value in a particular octet. For example, entering 192.109.*.* will match and but not However, the results do not indicate the specific IP address for each member, only that the member was using an IP address that falls into the specified range.

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