Editing Users

This documentation applies to ZetaBoards only.

To edit users, click on Member Search in the Users & Groups section. Use the following criteria to search for the user(s) you want to edit. In most cases, it suffices to enter the username in the first field, but any of the criteria can be used in conjunction with other criteria to narrow the results. After entering the criteria, click the Member Search button.

Search Criteria Explanation
Username You may enter all or part of a username and search results returned will contain the search criteria.
Email Address This criteria allows you to search members via the email address their account is registered to
Instant Message Accounts This criteria allows you to select a branch of instant messaging ( AOL/MSN/Yahoo ) and search for all members with that instant messenger listed in their profile.
Signature Contains Allows you to search for members based on their signature content. This works not only for text, but also image links if an image is displayed in the signature and hyperlinks.
On Moderator Queue? Returns results based on warn settings. Any members in the moderator queue will be returned.
Is suspended? Returns results based on warn settings. Any members that are suspended from the forum will be returned.
Last Post Allows you to search for members based on when their last forum post was.
Last Online Allows you to search for members based on when their last forum login was.
In Group Allows you to select a usergroup that you are looking for a user in.
In order to search by IP Address you will need to go to the IP Address Manager in the sidebar navigation of your Admin CP.

Member Options

A list of users who match the given criteria will appear. Choose from one of the following options to edit the user's account:

Option Explanation
Change Password Change the user's password.
Ban Options Display options for temporarily or permanently banning the user from the board.
Moderator Abilities Assign the user as an forum moderator to individual sections.
Edit Edit the user's account and profile. This is explained in more detail in the next section.

Editing a User's Account

General Member Information

Field Explanation
Registered with IP Address This is the IP address of the user at the time they registered.
Last Active on This is the most recent date and time the user visited the board.

General Settings

Email Address The email account registered to this user. All emails sent to this user by the board will go to this address. At this time, editing this field has no effect. Edit the Email Address field in the Contact Information section instead.
Post Count The number of posts a user has made. If you alter this setting, there is no way to recount a user's posts so that this field is accurate.
Warning Level The warning level of the user.
Member Title The custom title that appears below a user's avatar in posts. If left blank, the default title determined by the user's post count will appear.
Member of Group The user group of the user.
Alternate Group Additional permission sets to apply to the user. To select more than one permission set, hold down the Ctrl key. If one or more of these permission sets is selected, the user will have the permissions given by their user group as well as the permissions given by all of these permission sets (that is, these permissions are cumulative).
Allow member to use the PM system Whether the user has access to the PM system. Setting this to No prevents users from sending or receiving PMs.
Protect from IP Bans Whether the user has immunity from IP address bans. Setting this to Yes means that this user will still be able to view the board even if their IP address has been banned.

Contact Information

These are the various default fields the board has for a user's contact information. These fields appear on the user's profile.


These are the default fields that appear on a user's profile and posts.

Custom Profile Fields

If you have any custom profile fields set up, then they will appear at the bottom of the page.

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