Ban Settings

This documentation applies to ZetaBoards only.

This page contains a list of ban settings, as well as the option to edit these settings. It is accessible by clicking Banning under the Users & Groups section of the Admin CP. A banned user will not be able to access the board with their current account.

Types of Ban

There are three main types of banning:

  • Banned IP address. Any user which tries to access the board with this IP address will not be allowed access
  • Banned email address. No users will be allowed to register with this email address
  • Reserved names. No users will be allowed to register with this username.

Setting Bans

  • Ban IP Address. Entering an IP address into the appropriate fields and clicking Ban IP Address will add the entered IP address to the list of banned IPs.
  • Ban email address. Entering an email address into this field and clicking Ban email address will add the entered email address to the list of banned emails.
  • Reserve username:. Entering a username into the field and clicking Reserve username will add the entered username to the list of banned usernames. The accompanying drop-down menu allows you to choose whether the ban is to take effect when the entered username is matched exactly, precedes/succeeds a username, or is contained within a username upon registration, respectively.
When banning, * (asterisk) can be used as a wildcard, meaning it will match anything.

Removing Bans

Any ban can be removed by clicking Remove Ban next to the appropriate ban setting.

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