This documentation applies to ZetaBoards only.

This page contains a list of users who are awaiting account authorization. They will not have fully functional accounts until their accounts have been approved by an administrator. It can be accessed by clicking Authorization List under the Users & Groups section of the Admin CP.

When viewing the list of users awaiting account authorization, the list will be presented in tabular format under the following headings:

  • Name: This is the username which the user registered with.
  • Authorization Type: This is the type of authorization which the user requires, which will either be email, admin, or both. Settings regarding the authorisation type can be found in the Registration Preferences section
  • Joined: This is the date on which the user registered.
  • Email address: This is the email address which the user registered with.
  • IP: This is the IP address which the user used during registration.
  • The final heading is a checkbox. Checking this will check all pending accounts for approval.

Individual accounts maybe approved by ticking the checkbox on the appropriate row. Clicking Submit will then approve all user accounts that have been checked.

If there are no accounts pending, there will simply be a “No Accounts Awaiting Approval” message in place of the list, and consequently there will also be no Submit option.

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