Board Themes

This documentation applies to ZetaBoards only.

Zetaboards gives board owners the option of having multiple themes available for their memberbase to use.

This Documentation explains how to create new themes, how to edit an existing theme, how to set a default theme, and some useful explanations of various features of the theme system.

If you are looking for pre-made themes, they can be found at our Official Resources Board.

It is highly recommended that you do not edit the theme that comes with your board, that you create a derivative of it instead in case you need the default copy later on.

Theme Manager

The Main Theme Manager window is accessed either via the link on the top menu, or from the menu down the left side of the Admin CP.
The main window shows the complete list of themes you currently have installed on your board.

For each theme, the following information is displayed:

  • Theme Name
  • Thumbnail of Theme Preview - click the theme preview to get an active preview on your board.
  • Various Edit Options - explained later on within this documentation.
  • General Theme information
    • Status - Whether the theme is currently available on the theme selector or not.
    • Author - The creator of the theme.
    • License - Details on whether you can edit the theme or create a derivative theme.

Creating a New Theme

New themes are created by creating a 'derivative' theme from an existing theme.

To create a deritative theme:

  • Decide which theme you wish to create a derivative theme from. Click Create a new theme based on [Theme Name].
  • Type a name for your new theme into the Theme Name box.
  • Select a width from the dropdrown menu. The recommended width will fit all resolutions. 800px and 1024px are fixed width.
  • Active? Select whether you want this theme immediately available for your members to use, or whether you'd like it to remain dormant for the time being.
  • Insert HTML into the box to display the theme's banner. The basic HTML code for an image is:
<img src=" url to the image " alt="description of the image/your board name"/>
  • Click Create New Theme and the new theme will appear in the main Board Themes window.
You may create derivative themes from existing derivative themes. When editing a theme you'll have the option to provide the same updates to the theme you're editing or any themes it derives from.

Editing an Existing Theme

The following options are available when editing a theme:

  • Theme Settings - Edit the name, width, active/unactive status and logo.
  • Theme Appearance - Edit the CSS of the theme. Will not edit the themes it derives from. Editing the CSS will only apply to the specific theme.
  • Theme Images - Edit the image macros for the theme.
  • Theme Layout - Edit the layout for the theme.

Theme Layout

The Theme Layout contains any HTML that is unique to theme. The contents will only show to those who have the theme selected, as opposed to the Board Template. The default content of the layout is:

<!-- TOPMENU --><!-- HEADER --><!-- SUBMENU --><div id="wrap"><!-- NAV --><!-- BOARD --></div>

The following image shows the insert points corresponding to the default tags.

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