Moderator History

This documentation applies to ZetaBoards only.

The Moderator History, located under the History section of the Admin CP, contains a record of all moderation actions performed by administrators and moderators.

Recent Moderator Actions

This section displays up to the last 5 actions in detail:

  • Name. The name of the moderator who performed the action.
  • Actions. A brief description of the action he or she performed.
  • Date. The date the action occurred.
  • IP. The IP address of the computer the moderator was using. This may be useful in the event that someone else gains illicit access to a moderator's account and one wants to identify fraudulent moderation actions.

Moderator History

This section displays a list of logs organized by each account that has or has had moderation abilities throughout the lifetime of the board. It ranks the accounts in descending order based on the number of actions performed.

  • Name. The name of the moderator who performed the action.
  • Actions. The number of actions performed to date.
  • Last Action. The date of the most recent action this moderator performed.
  • View. Clicking View History will display the detailed logs of that moderator's actions.
  • Delete. Delete all logs for this account. This action is not recommended, since logs cannot be restored. Logs do not adversely affect the size of your board, so there is no need to delete them.

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