Custom Topic Options

This documentation applies to ZetaBoards only.

The custom topic option allows you to define field associated with all topics in a forum. When users create a new topic or edit an existing one, they will be able to choose one option from a list of options that you define. The selected option appears in a new column on the forum listing.


To setup the custom topic option on an existing forum, go to the Section Manager and edit the forum where you want to add the field. Scroll down to the Custom Topic Option setting. Enter a name for the field, then enter the options. Each option must be on a separate line.

For example, suppose you have a forum dedicated to discussing the works of 19th-century writer George Eliot. You could add a custom topic option that allows topic creators to specify which Eliot work their topic is about. Then your custom topic option might look like this:

Custom topic option with a field named Novel and the novels of George Eliot as the options.

When you edit a forum with a custom topic option, each option will have its own textbox, with a larger area below for adding new options. To remove an option, make its textbox blank and then save your changes.

A topic is associated with an option's position rather than its name. This can cause problems if you want to re-order or reorganize options in the future. So, think carefully about the order in which you want options to appear when first creating this field.


Selecting an option when creating a topic.

When creating or editing a topic in this forum, you will be able to select from one of the defined options (or leave it blank). The option appears as an additional column next to the topic title in the forum's topic listing.

Examples of topics that have custom options selected.

Theme Adjustment

If your community is using a theme that includes a 3-part H2 (header bar on the forum sections), you will want to apply this code so that the headers will extend the full width of the sections.

Install the code at the bottom of your Theme Layout page in the AdminCP.

<script type="text/javascript">
$(function() {
if (location.href.indexOf(main_url + 'forum/') !== -1) {
$.ajax({url:'', dataType:'script', cache:true});

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