Section Manager

This documentation is for ZetaBoards only.

The Section Manager, located under the Forum Sections area of the Admin CP, allows you to edit existing sections and categories.

For each category:

  • Edit a category. Edit the selected category's name.
  • Delete category. Delete a category. If the category contains any forums, you will have to choose where to move these forums before the category gets deleted.

For each forum:

  • Edit Settings. Modify the settings of the forum.
  • Empty Forum. Delete all posts in the forum.
  • Delete Forum. Remove the forum.
If you empty a forum, all posts are removed permanently–you cannot retrieve them. Likewise, deleting a forum deletes all posts within it. There are no confirmation screens.

If a forum contains additional sub-forums, you can click on the forum's name to view and edit its sub-forums.

Editing a Forum

The form for editing a forum's settings has some additional options not present when creating a forum:

  • Forum Specific Skin. Set a specific theme for this particular forum to use.
  • Forum Rules. Set rules for the forum that can be shown above the topic list.
    • Rules Display Options. Select how the rules should appear.
    • Rules Title. The title of the rules.
    • Forum Rules. The content of the forum rules (BBCode enabled).

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