This documentation applies to ZetaBoards only.

Every ZetaBoard has its own integrated shoutbox (chatbox). The shoutbox appears at the bottom of your forum's index page, just above the Board Statistics.

Shoutboxes allow the posting of small, text only, messages for other users to read without the need to post.

Enabling The Shoutbox

As per default, the shoutbox is disabled. To enable it, follow these instructions:

Log into your Admin CP. Then, click on the Board Settings link which appears along the top of the page. Now, click on the Shoutbox link which is listed at the bottom of the Board Customization category, on the left of the page.

  • Display shoutbox on: Set to either the Index Page, or the Portal.
  • Shoutbox Permissions Adjust the settings accordingly for the forum access permission sets you have.

Additional Settings

  • Allow links in messages? This setting will enable/disable users to post links to other web pages.
  • Allow BBCode in messages? This setting will enable/disable the use of BBCode in the shoutbox.

When BBCode is enabled, it is limited to the use of the following tags:

  • Bold [b][/b]
  • Italic [i][/i]
  • Underline [u][/u]
  • Strike-through [s][/s]
  • Superscript/subscript [sup][/sup] / [sub][/sub]
  • Color [color=red][/color]

Shoutbox Modifications

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