Board Setup

This documentation applies to ZetaBoards only.

The Board Setup settings cover general areas such as the theme system, the active users list, news exporting, the portal, and statistics. The following documentation outlines the options and their descriptions on the Board Setup preferences page.

Basic Settings

  • Board Title: refers to the name of your board, not its URL. The board title appears in various places, including the navigation trail on every page. The character limit is between 1 and 200 characters.
  • Board Email Address is the email address that appears whenever an email is sent from your board. Types of mailings include but are not limited to mass emails and validation emails.

Board Setup

  • List moderators for each forum? toggles whether or not forum moderators are listed for each forum, below the forum description.
  • Show Board Statistics determines whether or not board statistics are shown on the board index.
  • Mark topics that a user has posted in sets whether or not topics are marked with a special image when users post in them.

Active Users Online List Preferences

  • Active Users List in Forums toggles whether or not the active users list is shown in forums.
  • Active Users List in Topics determines whether or not the active users list is shown in topics.
  • Active Users List on Board front page sets whether or not the active users list (e.g. the online users list) is shown on the board index, near the bottom of the page.
  • Show a color key for all groups in the online list toggles whether or not a color key that shows all user groups with members currently online is shown in the online list.


  • Allow users to view the complete users online list
  • Cutoff for Active Users List removes a user from the the active users (online users) list if the user has not been active within the set amount of time. Adjust the image slider accordingly to choose a number between 5 and 120 to set a time (in minutes).

Trash Can Preferences

  • Who can see trash determines which users are able to view the trash can. The choices include:
  • - None - Disable Trash Can
  • - Admins Only
  • - Global Moderators & Admins
  • - All Moderators & Admins
  • - Members
  • Location for Trash Can is the category in which the trash can will be placed in.
  • Trash Can Name: is the name of the trash can section.
  • Trash Can Description: is the description of the trash can section, the same as a normal section description.

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