Registration Settings

This documentation applies to ZetaBoards only.

Registration settings allow you to control who joins you board. These settings are useful to keep troublemakers away. The following are all of the options and their descriptions on the Registration preferences page:


  • Allow new registrations toggles whether or not users will be allowed to register new accounts on your board.
Turning off new registrations will keep your board from gaining new members.
  • Allow guests that have a banned IP Address to register with admin approval toggles whether or not users with a banned IP Address will be able to register an account. An admin must approve the registration of any IP Banned user.
  • Allow users to register with duplicate email addresses. toggles whether or not users are allowed to register more than one account with the same email address. This help prevents duplicate accounts.
  • Rules agreed to during registration are the set of rules a user must agree to before registering a new account. These rules may not conflict with the Terms of Service.
  • Count Referrers toggles whether or not referrers will be counted.

Authorization Preferences

  • New member approval process is the process in which new member's accounts are approved by an administrator.
    • Email Address Confirmation means that new users will be sent an email with an account activation link in it upon registration. This link must be clicked for their account to be approved.
    • Admin Approval means that an administrator must approve all new accounts through the Authorization List page in the Users and Groups menu.
    • Admin Approval and Email Address Confirmation means that a user must both approve their account through Email Address Confirmation as well as being approved through Admin Approval.

COPPA Preferences

ZetaBoards must comply with COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act), which affects potential users under 13. You may choose how to handle underage users in one of three ways:

  • Optional form to get full profile access allows underage users to register and participate on the board. However, they cannot edit their profiles until their parents send in a signed COPPA form to ZetaBoards. If you choose this option, you must ensure that underage users do not give out their personal information on the board.
  • Form required for registration allows underage users to register, but they cannot access their account until their parents send in a signed COPPA form to ZetaBoards.
  • Ban all users under 13 prohibits underage users from registering.

With any options, you are responsible for deleting any underage users who try to circumvent COPPA and removing personal information posted by these users. You must not encourage users to lie about their age or circumvent COPPA in any way.

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