Portal Settings

This documentation applies to ZetaBoards only.

Portal Settings let you control the portal's status, layout, and news export settings. The following documentation outlines the options and their descriptions on the Portal Settings preferences page.

Basic Settings

The following settings can be found under the Portal header:

  • Enable the board portal sets whether the portal is enabled or disabled.
  • Portal Link Name is the name that appears as a submenu link on the board index.
  • Portal Title is the name of your portal that will appear on the page hierarchy that appears below the submenu. The hierarchy is as follows: board โ†’ category โ†’ section โ†’ topic.
  • Show posts from is the section from which posts are exported as news articles to the portal.
Only the first post of each topic is exported to the portal. Also, posts are shown on the portal from newest to oldest.
  • Number of posts to show is the number of posts you wish to be shown on the portal. Adjust the image slider accordingly to choose a number between 0 and 20.
To disable news exporting, either select None from Show posts from or select 0 using the image slider next to Number of posts to show.
  • Show x latest posts

Portal Layout Settings

The following settings can be found under the Portal Layout header:

  • Online Users Location
  • Online Users Placement Priority
  • Board Stats Location
  • Board Stats Placement Priority
  • Recent Topics Location
  • Recent Topics Placement Priority
  • Poll Location
  • Poll Placement Priority

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