Board Clock

This documentation applies to ZetaBoards only.

On the Board Clock page, Time Format settings allow you to select date formats that match your members' local date formats. You can also change the default timezone of the board. The following are all of the options and their descriptions on the Board Clock page:

All of the formatting options show the date and time according to the default board timezone.
  • Default Board Timezone sets the default timezone of the board, which is used until a user sets their own time zone in the User Control Panel.
  • Standard Time Format is the time format that occurs in most areas of the board except those covered by relative times, shorter time format, and join date format.
  • Shorter Time Format is the time format that is used on the board index. Shorter time formats coincide with relative times when enabled.
  • Join Date Format is the time format that shows in profiles and in the user information block in posts.
  • Use relative times toggles whether or not relative times are shown. Relative times replace dates with times such as “One minute ago” or “Today, 12:00 AM” when referring to when posts or topics were last modified.

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