Avatar Gallery

This documentation applies to ZetaBoards only.

This page is used to view, modify and create avatars and galleries, and can be accessed by clicking Avatar Gallery under the Board Customization section of the Admin CP.

Viewing Avatars

The first section of this page is a list of current avatars available on the board presented in a tabular format, and the headings are as follows:

  • Avatar: This is the title of the avatar.
  • Gallery Folder: This is the folder in which the avatar resides.
  • Edit Avatar: Clicking Edit will allow you to edit the avatar's details.
  • Delete Avatar: Clicking Delete will permanently delete the avatar.
Deleting an avatar from the list will only stop that avatar from being used, deleting the image itself must be done manually.

Adding Avatars

In order to add a new avatar, you must first fill out two fields:

  • Choose avatar file: This is the image file of the avatar which will appear. Note that only uploaded avatars can be used, so this must be done beforehand.
  • Gallery Folder: This is the folder under which the new avatar will be classed. If no gallery folders currently exist, this must be done beforehand.

Clicking Add Avatar will then add the avatar to the list.

Avatar Folders

In order to better organise avatars, they can be organised into categories called folders. These can be created by entering the name of a new folder to be created into the Create Folder field and clicking Create Folder. Avatars can then be added to this folder upon addition, and existing avatars can be manually edited to be included in this new folder.

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