Member Autotools

This documentation applies to ZetaBoards only.

Member Autotools are an ideal, and time saving method, of applying a group of actions to a single user, without the need to execute each action individually.

These Autotools can be applied to your users via their profiles; under the Profile Information section, and also via the warn panel; whether you're adjusting their warn level, or simply leaving a log note.

How to Create a New Member Autotool

Creating a new Autotool becomes easier with practice, but here's a few tips to get you started:

Firstly, when viewing your AdminCP, navigate to AutoTools - Member AutoTools at the bottom of the left menu, and select Create new member AutoTool from the new page.

You should now see the following form:

  • AutoTool Name: Type in a name for the new Autotool.

Basic Actions:

  • Remove signature? (Choose Yes or No).
  • Remove Avatar? (Choose Yes or No).
  • Remove Member Title? (Choose Yes or No).
  • Place user in ModQueue (indefinitely)? (Choose Yes or No).
  • Disable use of PM System? (Choose Yes or No).
  • Disable use of Email System? (Choose Yes or No).
  • Adjust postcount Input a positive value to add to the user's post count, or input a negative value to subtract from the user's post count.
  • Move user to group Select a new user group, from the drop down, to move the user to.

Contact Methods:

  • Send PM to member Input the message title and content to send the user a private message.

Lastly, click the New Member Autotool button to submit your choices.

You may choose all of the above options to be executed, or just one. It is completely up to you.

Once created, the new member autotool will appear in the main autotool list (AutoTools - Member AutoTools) and from there, you can create new tools; edit existing tools; or delete them if you desire.

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